Yackandandah Community Education Network Action Research

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OUR PROJECT RESEARCH QUESTION: Is the use of e-learning beneficial to these learners and the organisation.

Planning and preparation: developing the course and providing the teacher with support:

Actions: Preparation (List actions as you identify them)

Design course. Source tutors. Tutors to prepare course content. Market course. Target known individuals who may be interested.
Video camera and 5 laptop computers to be purchased.

Gails_460.jpgAchievements (List them as they happen and when)

Course content completed except for some more e-learning. Course publicised and students enrolled.
Course commenced!
On Wed August 8 we used 3 of the new Acer 5702 notebooks for the first time which are running Windows Vista. Participants seemed to enjoy the user friendly interface although they struggled to get the hang of the touch pad - I think we will purchase mice. We tried but couldnt successfully capture video into Movie Maker but did so with a Windows XP notebook and then transferred the captured video to the Vista machines. Editing in the new Moviemaker that comes with Vista was great fun.
The new video camera should arrive any day now - cant wait to try it out - its a Sony HDR-SR1 high definition hard drive camcorder.


Equipment should have been purchased earlier.
True - but then we may not have obtained the good deal we have got with the Acer 5702 notebooks and the video camera.

Could have tried for more funding - students turned out to be very keen and could have added more subjects. Have got around this by offering free time on computers to come in whenever they like to work on the CD. Gail will be in the office and available to help if required.

From my perspective (Tony) it was a bit of a pity that the purchase and setting up of the notebooks and the camera took so long because it detracted from the time we had for participants to make a movie. It just seemed like we were getting warmed up when it was all over. But we have got some video snippets so we will have to put them together. Great camera by the way - will be a fantastic acquisition I'm sure.
Also with the digital photography sessions it was difficult not having a common software platform - we had some people working with Picasa, others trying to use Photoshop and IrfanView. I tried to emphasise the commonalities in all of these software programs. All people got experience taking photos, downloading them to a computer and performing basic editing however.

Evidence/Data Collection

Timetable? Sample content? Enrolments? E-mails? Publicity brochures? Photos?

Term Brochure. Enrolment forms. Class notes. Photos. Digital story.
Class notes can be found on this site http://ycen.wikispaces.com

THE LAST THOUGHT: Resolutions (If I were to do this again, at this stage I'd...)

Be laughing 'cos all of the hard preparatory work is done now - cant wait to run classes using the great new notebooks and the high definition video camera - having our class notes on Wikispaces will facillitate whoever gets to teach this again down the track - cheers Tony Marsh (21/9/07).