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Please tell us a little about the learners in your community that will benefit for your proposed blended learning initiative.
Yackandandah wants to target young mothers and mature age women in their community. The mums that are presenting for training are single mums with children at the local primary school or older women. Some have casual work, but all want to upgrade their skills to seek further employment now or when their children are older. They see IT skills as crucial in getting employment. They are mature age students. Some have computers at home and as their kids are getting more proficient at school, they are keen to learn more themselves.

What is your particular challenge or challenges with this learner group(s)
This particular learner group needs flexibility due to their constraints of work, child care or caring for livestock. They generally lack confidence and need a lot of support and encouragement. They are keen to improve their employability skills. An increase of skills will also benefit the centre as some of the women are keen to volunteer at the centre to help out and gain experience, which also helps with their employment outcomes.

Blended learning as a solution

Which ACFE funded course will you be targeting for this e-learning initiative?
Yackandandah will be looking at the ACFE funded Women returning to Work course. They would like to develop a special program based on the Introduction to Cert 1 in IT – computer applications – a 20 hr course.
Update: Since the conception of this idea we added video and digital camera lessons, job seeking skills and customer service, and the course will run three hours a week for all of term 3, 2007.

How do you think technology may assist in this?
The aim of this project would be to make access to the materials more flexible – i.e. posting notes on a wiki and providing participants with a blend of F2fF and online.
The aim would be to do the bulk in the classroom ( approx 18 hrs) and give the participants as taster of independent online work for 2 hrs. They would also communicate between classes via email, blogs etc.

What will the potential benefits be for your organisation and the learners?
The benefit for the leaner will be that it will greatly improve confidence and skills, as well as give them the flexibility to complete the course as and when it suits them.
For the organisations it means more experience in the integration of ICTs into the course delivery at the centre. It will also give the women the skills to be able to confidently volunteer at the centre and contributes to the sustainability of the centre as a whole.

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