Werribee CC Action Research Project Stage 1: Planning and preparation


How do we integrate ICT into the Certificate 1 in Work Education Course to assist our students that have learning difficulties to better achieve their learning outcomes.

Planning and preparation: developing the course and providing the teacher with support:

Actions: Preparation (List actions as you identify them)

Define student project scope
  • Target group of learners includes: (1) Young and disengaged learners not in mainsteam education, (2) Adults with a mild intellectual disability & (3) Possess an educational level of Year 9 or Lower.

  • Background: Some of the modules that I have these students for include: (1) Participate in Basic Workplace Communication, (2) Participate in a team and individually to achieve organisational goals, (3) Follow workplace safety procedures, (4) Numeracy. In Term 2/07 we decided to run several project based classes, where students could achieve their learning, practice and assessments by doing practical, fun and experiential project based activities. The focus of this study is on the specific project "Cafe Chatterbox", in which learners will run a facilitated two hour catering event (morning tea) at the end of August 2007 (date to be finalised). The learners will serve coffee (made from a Barista), toasted sandwiches and sweet muffins to other learners at Werribee Community Centre. The learners will be expected to plan, implement and evaluate the project with a series of class based activities. This is where the e-learning content will be intergrated into the project.

    1. Communicate information about routine tasks, processes, events or skills
    2. Establish a work schedule
    3. Follow safety procedures
    4. Participate in community structures and activities
    5. Participate in group discussions to achieve outcomes
    6. Represent views of the group to others
    7. Participate in a team structure
    8. Numeracy for practical purposes - Measuring
    9. Numeracy for personal organisation - Money & Time

  • Define ICT Tools/ Practices employed to collect evidence of assessment.
    1. www.freeonlinesurveys.com For reflection of activities, evaluation of project and to promote class discussion
    2. Creation of a course wiki at www.workeducation.wetpaint.com to access surveys, project operational, review and evaluation information
    3. Use of other websites such as www.woolworths.com for project planning and enhancing IT and numeracy skills.
    4. Use of Web 2.0 elements such as the Rock You Slideshows Widget at www.rockyou.com to enhance the creative and fun experience with completing the project
    5. Using a digital photostory of the Cafe Chatterbox event to enhance the presentation of the achievement of learning outcomes for the students; uploading and editing the video using the website www.jumpcut.com and sharing it with other persons of interest including students, staff, etc.
    6. Using a blog set up at www.werribeestudent.blogr.com to engender discussion for reviewing Cafe Chatterbox and to count as extra assessment evidence.

Achievements (List them as they happen and when)

Asked students to fill out an online questionnaire to revise what was decided in Term 207. First I talked about the project to generate questions then asked students to get to their computers and go to the Work Education Wiki that I set up www.workeducation.wetpaint.com , I then directed them to an online survey that I had set up via www.freeonlinesurveys.com link to the questionnaire. They did this by clicking on the coffee cup picture in the wiki. All learners were familiar with the Internet as a result of classes in Term 1 & 207. All learners successfully completed the survey. Because of the nature of the learner group, I paired up advanced young students with learners who may have had some difficulty with following instructions. All students completed the survey within ten minutes, successfully.

Preparing for Cafe Chatterbox, students in the Certificate 1 in Work Education participate in a Coffee Making Course that was conducted by Pauline from Werribee Community Centre. All students had to: (1) Work in a team (2) Communicate with other team(students) members and staff of the Community Centre to place, take and deliver orders of coffee, Latte's, Hot Chocolate's etc. (3) They also applied their listening, questioning and feedback skills. (4) They needed to measure quantities and use machinery to make the coffee's. Below, are photos of the students participating in the coffee making course.

Cafe Chatterbox Web Evaluation of First Event
Update: 29th August 2007. Five of my Work Education students confidently conducted Cafe Chatterbox [Selling barista coffee, chino's, Latte's and hot choc's, toasted sandwiches, choc and banana muffins], today.

My students made $194.30. A considerable amount considering the initial outlay of less than $50. Tw
Home - Work Education Course Content - Work Education Wiki
Home - Work Education Course Content - Work Education Wiki
o of the main student contributors suggested that they would like to do more training in hospitality and may also see it as a long term career option.

The money made from the business will be used in the following way:
(1) Paying back creditors - Werribee Community Centre $50 for the initial outlay of materials and resources
(2) Materials and resources for the next Cafe Chatterbox Event to be held in 1 month's time - $50
(3)The balance used for Centre fundraising and payment of 1 student to complete the Safe Food Handling Certificate

Part of planning for the next Cafe Chatterbox Event , it is important to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the first event. All students completed a free online survey by clicking the link here, This is a Web Survey completed by students in the work education course in the first week of September 2007.

Update: 22 October 2007. Held the Second Cafe Chatterbox event. The event went well but this time we went into the red since the money used to purchase the items for a changed menu turned out to be alot more expensive and there were not as many people in the centre on that day. Photo evidence was used on the day to gather evidence for learning outcomes and this is demonstrated in the following slideshow. However, the participants in the program learnt alot about their teamworking & communication abilities and numeracy skills.


31/7/07 - I would use the wiki more often in class and the free online survey worked very well.
15/8/07 - As a followup to the coffee making course I will put together an online survey to revise the main points of making coffee. I will then print the survey results as evidence of the participation in the course and the demonstration of the specific learning outcomes for the various modules they have to complete.
22/8/07 - Using Ms Publisher to produce menus and brochures for cafe chatterbox. Asking students to email me their completed work as proof.
29/8/07 - The freeonline surveys evaluation at www.freeonlinesurveys.com gave students the opportunity to assess the strengths, weaknesses, acknowledgments and improvements of the event. This survey was followed up by a class discussion and documented improvements to the event for next time.
10/10/07 - Students used the www.woolworths.com.au site to assess the cost of items to buy for the cafe
30/10/07 - The blog that was set up to do the evaluation of the second event was useful to get discussion going about the event and what we need to do next time to improve the financial aspects and team, communication and safety aspects. The blog was also fun to use and students spent time exploring other sections of the blog and thereby increasing their elearning skills.

  • One negative out of the whole experience was the limitations of the computer resources at Werribee Community Centre. I had planned to use tools online to produce brochures and ask the students to produce their own photo slideshows. However, because of system limitations and website blocking, I was unable to access these sites. Also, the computer equipment is getting old now and does not support new ICT technologies. This, I think, has more to do with the level of funding for courses/ infastructure than anything else and the ability of the Centre to devote resources to remedy these issues because of limited funding to do so. I also wanted to introduce students to www.thinkfree.com (a web based office suite) to produce their brochures. I could not get access to this at Werribee Community Centre.

  • The experience was overall extremely positive. I have learnt so much about other Web 2.0 applications and have transferred that knowledge into all other subjects that I teach. Every subject now has more students engaged in ICT Technologies. I have just started to use You Tube more in the classroom and this greatly enhances understanding of issues, especially where reading and writing in English can get in the way of understanding a topic. I make more use of wiki's, you tube, blog sites, Web 2.0 tools and I want to start experimenting more with Jumpcut and podcasting.

I am sharing my experiences with other teachers at the Centre who seem eager to learn about ICT Technologies. Other teachers have set up wiki's and use other Web 2.0 tools within their classes.

Evidence/Data Collection

Timetable? Sample content? Enrolments? E-mails? Publicity brochures? Photos?

31/7/07 - (1) Printed survey summary report from free online surveys.
22/8/07 - Students emailed me their brochure for cafe chatterbox
29/8/07 - Achievement of student outcomes in 1) Working in a team (2) Communicating with other team(students) members and staff of the Community Centre (3) Listening, questioning and feedback skills. (4) Numeracy skills. Evidence collected includes photos, free online survey results sheets, demonstrated use of computers/ internet to research prices, type up brochures and menu's and evaluate team and event performance.
12/9/07 - I tried to get another printout of the review questionnaire from freeonlinesurveys but this site only holds the results for 14 days. I will not use this again because of this.
30/10/07 - Set up a blog to replace the freeonlinesurveys questionnaire. This worked well and now we have a permanent record of the evaluation. The blog is at www.werribeestudent.blogr.com and is simple for both students and staff to use. Great facility to upload photos, videos, do blog entries and upload other media.

THE LAST THOUGHT: Resolutions (If I were to do this again, at this stage I'd...)

If I were to do this again I would:
  • Set up blog spaces, wiki spaces, surveys in advance
  • I would engage students more in the use of new Web 2.0 applications RockYou Slide Shows, Skype, Flickr, Blogr, You Tube, Wet Paint, etc
  • I'de use more podcasting technologies and Jumpcut Video Editor
  • I'de place more emphasis on visual learning using photos, photostory and Web 2.0 graphing tools (for numeracy)
  • This learner group definitely needs in-class facilitation. Therefore a blended learning approach is needed, with the use of online tools to make learning more enjoyable and to up-skill this group with technology skills. I am however, looking at ways to use mobile phone technology and sms, or podcasting to satisfy some numeracy outcomes such as giving and receiving directions.
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