Your community

Please tell us a little about the learners in your community that will benefit for your proposed blended learning initiative.
Students are enrolled in Certificate I in Work Education for 15 hours per week. All have low level literacy and numeracy skills and need development of vocational and employability skills.
The group is a mix of:
  • young disengaged learners not in mainstream education
  • adults with either a mild intellectual disability
  • all students have an educational achievement of Yr 9 or lower

The age range is 14 years to 45 years.

What is your particular challenge or challenges with this learner group(s)
  • Not enough simple structured exercises to accommodate literacy and vocational objectives.
  • Need simple online and simple web sites using simple language to guide students with varying levels of intellectual disability or learning disability, through the world of Internet and email.
  • Simple easy to use email, blog and chat facilities for students to use and to enable them to access and submit work electronically
  • Re-engagement activities that appeal to young people
  • Catering to vary diverse clients within the same classroom

Blended learning as a solution

Which ACFE funded course will you be targeting for this e-learning initiative?
Certificate I in Work Education which currently has 10 students for 15 hours per week.

How do you think technology may assist in this?
Complement vocational training – resume writing, researching vocational pathways, goal setting
Complement literacy and numeracy training

What will the potential benefits be for your rganization and the learners?
  • Upskilling ot teacher
  • Increased ICT skills of learners – particularly young people
  • Re-engage young people in learning process
  • Improve employability skills of students
  • Increase personal skills of learners
  • Open up opportunities for employment
  • Skills learned are transferable to other teachers and students in other classes

For more information:
Jennie Barrera
Phone: 9742 4013