Your community
Please tell us a little about the learners in your community that will benefit for your proposed blended learning initiative.
Many of the students who attend our Cert III in Aged Care are returning to study/work after many years. They generally would have no prior qualifications, and only basic computer skills if any.

What is your particular challenge or challenges with this learner group(s)
· Students lack of confidence using computers.
· Low educational experience – e.g. Year 10 or less.
· Teacher would need increased training in IT skills.
· Readiness of both students and tutor to embrace this.
· Not all students will have computer access at home.

Other Challenges would be-
· UBCC’s capacity to be able to do this - financially, IT hardware and software and additional time required.
· Building on administration staff skills.

Which ACFE funded course will you be targeting for this e-learning initiative?
A module from Certificate III in Aged Care ( nominally 50 hrs, 4 weeks delivery )

How do you think technology may assist in this?
Develop a CD offering multiple choice questions, research links, short answer questions, FAQ’s and opportunities to review previous learning. This would be an additional support for students to obtain competency in the chosen module. This could be used during classroom time in our computer room and would also give students the opportunity to continue their learning at home.
This would offer :
  • A self-paced learning tool.
  • An additional learning tool catering for different learning styles and capabilities.
  • The opportunity for students to become more confident using IT.
The opportunity for additional research leads.
Some of the links could lead students to information on job-seeking, employment agencies, potential employers, additional research or pathways to further learning.

What will the potential benefits be for your organisation and the learners?
Add value to the course by offering an additional learning method and some study areas able to be done away from classroom, enabling course to be finished earlier. It would free up class rooms for other students/courses. It would also enable students to research module information and problem solve in relation to their projects.
We feel that it will empower students by giving them the tools and confidence to research career paths and options for further study not only during the course but after their course has finished, as well as improve learners' computer skills.

For more information:
Name of contact person: Alison Ryan & Pam Edwards
Phone: 03 5944 3484