Action Research Project Stage 2:
Implementation and delivery

How can we make ICT non-threatening, comfortable/ fun/easy

Actions: Preparation (List actions as you identify them)
  • Survey students - assess current ICT knowledge
  • Develop wiki page for course - add background, research links, lesson plans, support material
  • develop lesson plan to introduce ICT, internet research skills, wiki space
  • Talk with course tutor to assess viability of introduction - how much is needed, how will class cope
  • revise lesson plan
  • validate learning and lesson plan with mentor/other trainer.

Achievements (List them as they happen and when)
Aug 07 - started wiki
Sep 07 - happy with wiki
Sep 07 - talk with course tutor, developed lesson plan, validate lesson plan
Oct 8 07 - deliver session

It has been a wonderful experience and one that has received an enthusiastic response from the main tutor, Isabella, and other tutors at the Centre for incorporation into their classes - the potential is there, but is the time?
The students, over all, have been enthusiastic about the experience. Outings/excursions have been managed via the wiki, which enable all students to have the corrent information before hand. Even office staff use the site to keep their information and references up to date for students in our other Aged Care class.
I believe that in the future the wiki needs to be introduced earlier in the programming of the course to maximise benefits. A Reveiw of the deliver plan will be conducted shortly to incorporate this.

After surveying the class and getting to know the students better we believed it prudent to keep the IT component of the course simpler. The client base are practical "carers", and some were very resistent to IT and its imposition onto the class. This attitude has changed to a small degree, with the acknowledgement that technology has its benefits but some resistence remains at this point none the less.

Evidence/Data Collection
Timetable? Sample content? Enrolments? E-mails? Publicity brochures? Photos?

THE LAST THOUGHT: Resolutions (If I were to do this again, at this stage I'd...)
Introduce IT earlier into the program.
If I had more time I would like to expand the photos on the site to include the excursions as they happen - encourage participants to explore the site for what's new.
I would like to introduce an interractive page for course/excursion/incursion reflections.
Overall I am happy with what has been achieved. It is only a small part of the course as they are required to go online to retreive their homework instructions for the week; and check for schedule changes to the class. This to some is a huge achievement and for that I am happy to see them do it more comfortably. Others, younger participants now use the homework template to complete the homework on and submit it after finishing it on the computer - but they have already embraced the technology.