Your community

Please tell us a little about the learners in your community that will benefit for your proposed blended learning initiative.
This initiative is targeted at the ever growing Sudanese community in Warrnambool. This group is proving hard to engage for a range of reasons. They are mainly young adults, and have a range of technological skills - most are reasonably proficient- especially the males.

What is your particular challenge or challenges with this learner group(s)
The Sudanese are either working or looking for employment, have language and childcare issues etc, and it is proving a “scheduling nightmare” for the organisation to get them all to come to class regularly. SEAL is therefore looking to set up an online course that students will be able to access in class and in their own time on the computers available at SEAL. They have a small room available for open access.

Blended learning as a solution

Which ACFE funded course will you be targeting for this e-learning initiative?
SEAL is looking to set up materials online for the 20 hours Introduction to IT which leads to the Cert 1 in IT qualification.

How do you think technology may assist in this?
SEAL has spent some considerable time and effort in getting up their own Moodle online delivery platform up and running. This will give them to the opportunity to set up a course on Moodle and delver it initially to students who are currently attending the classroom sessions, encouraging them to access the online lessons between classes or when they have missed a session.

What will the potential benefits be for your organisation and the learners?
For the learners it will provide much needed continuity, as well as improved ICT skills and therefore increasing their employment prospects.
For the organisation it is an opportunity to design and deliver a course with an online component and evaluate its effectiveness with this particular target group.
It will help SEAL to establish a track record with the community and hopefully encourage more Sudanese to access education at the centre. This in turn will help the centre better provide for their particular needs.

For more information:
Denis Bell
Phone: 55626099