Action Research Project Stage 2:
Implementation and delivery

How does ICT contribute better to the student appeal of the course

Actions: Preparation (List actions as you identify them)
we had to look for another student group as our first group did not eventuate. This resulted in the start date for the course being put back by several weeks. We now have a group of mature students who are keen and enthusiastic to learn about computers and online learning.

course was planned around students being ready to move to a part offline mode early in the course

Achievements (List them as they happen and when)

Despite not working completely to our start date we have started the initial part of the course which has included some blended elements This has included an introduction to moodle and working with some of the content that was initially included.
From the tutors perspective what is absolutely necessary is the ability to be flexible. We have several mature students of whom some are quite nervous and hesitant with new technology and it occurs to me that i may have to look at some strategies to work with them on a face to face basis whilst the rest of the class engages in some on line material.Thus the class may be split into various segments depending on how fast some students pick up the foundation material.

two groups forming- those with some basic computer skills are forging ahead - those with no computer skills are requiring more assistance
introduced group to moodle and some have taken to it quite well- some have not been so accepting of it and there is a need to work with these students more closely

from a tutors perspective the group of ten students had formed a good bond - helping each other in the classroom and had bonded quite well - there was a need to keep the group together as we moved through the material - but it was evident that some of the students were requiring more assistance than others. this brought a good deal of soul searching as to the best way to approach the problem.

i formed the opinion that we should develop two groups - one would be classroom based and consist of those students who required extra assistance or who did not have internet access. the other group would attempt to work from home or elsewhere

i initially moved the entire group onto an online mode by using Moodle from the back of the classrom - instead of the class moving offcampus the trainer did - conducting an online session where exercises were posted on Moodle and the class downloaded them from Moodle - then if they had problems they contacted me using Chat in moodle. as i was close by it it helped give me an idea as to how we would go in this mode - we did this for one session

in order for the class to move into more of a blended format - i asked for a volunteer to help in the classroom with the intention of being able to devote tito other students who were online. this is only in a development stage at present but hopefully will allow the tutor to concentrate on those students who are moving ahead.

an online session was successfully carried out on a sunday evening and many of the students logged into moodle- participated in the chat session and downloaded the exercises - this was a considerable success for the most of the group.


although the course is still continuing - the reflections are mixed. on one hand some of the students in the class are showing encouraging signs of using and working in a blended mode. on the other hand i have problems with some of the group who are still lacking basic skills and require more assistance.

if i was to run this course again it would be mandatory for all students to have internet access with microsoft access - many current students do not have these programs at home and must come into class to learn them

in hindsight the course is good for those students who wish to push forward and have the motivation to work independantly, those that require more assistance will still get through the course but the e component of the course will not benefit them greatly.

Evidence/Data Collection
Timetable? Sample content? Enrolments? E-mails? Publicity brochures? Photos?

timetable, powerpoint presentation with pictures to follow
digital story to follow

THE LAST THOUGHT: Resolutions (If I were to do this again, at this stage I'd...)

There are positives and negatives that we can take away from what we have achieved so far. on the positive side we have achieved what we set out to do, that is to give our students options regarding course participation,on the negative however we need to give them more information regarding how the course is going to run and what is involved - some students did not have the software or access to internet that was required meaning that we had to adopt other strategies to deal with these issues