On Track Learning provides literacy and numeracy training across the Wimmera. We are currently providing two courses via distance education.
  • One of these, a preparation course for the police entry exam, is delivered by a mail out of paper based resources. The teacher uses the telephone to provide feedback to students and to deliver some spelling activities.
  • The other program, the Certificate III in Education, is delivered via a combination of modes. Some paper based materials are mailed to students. Some classes are attended either in Horsham (where On Track is based) or in the communities where the students live. Digital recordings of all classes are mailed on CD to students.
As part of the Access ACE project I am hoping to develop materials that can be published on TafeVC so that students can log in and collect materials that are currently being mailed to them. Creating the mail outs uses a lot of staff time and is relatively expensive compared to on line provision of materials. Eventually I would like to be able to use more of the features of TafeVC but presently there is the barrier in that most of our students live in isolated communities where access to broad band is limited and expensive.