Designing e-learning: PhotoStory Activity
Adding more e for a new or existing course
Follow these steps
1 Write brief notes for each of the questions on the storyboard on page 2
2 In each picture frame, jot down keywords to describe the pic you want (eg learners, PDA, Web, wealth, happiness, laptop, collaboration)
3 Find a picture (try searching Google with “images” selected) to symbolise or represent each segment or frame
4 Open PhotoStory, and place your pics in order
5 Record your audio commentary for each slide
6 Add music (use one of 2 tracks provided, or go find your own)
7 Optional, only if time: add transition effects between slides (don’t overdo it – you’ll distract attention from your world-shattering content)
8 Save your work – twice (as project, and as a movie)
9 Replay and enjoy.

Tips for using PhotoStory
When all else fails, read these instructions.
Don’t spend too long looking for pictures – near enough is good enough, but…
Look for good quality images (large file size, lots of pixels) – and click on any thumbnails to open them to full size before you save.
Add a title to the first slide only – not on the others (looks dorky, wastes time - use audio instead, it’s free and this is, like, a movie).
When you record your audio speak up confidently and point the microphone straight at your tonsils, close as you can get without swallowing it.
Check each recording as you go – if it’s not loud enough, do it again.
Turn the audio level right down (eg below quarter on the slider) when you add the music – or Ludwig will kill your award-winning commentary.
As you are saving your movie, edit the name so you know which file is yours – and check where you are saving it to (the Desktop is simplest).
Don’t forget to save your project as well as save for replay – if in doubt, check with your presenter when you get to this point.
For take-aways, save your story (both versions, two files) onto a flash drive.
Remember, if you save your project (not just your movie) you can open it in PhotoStory later and edit and polish and extend it and go for an Oscar.


Your pics
Write notes for your audio here:
Slide 1
The course
Describe the current course you have chosen to add more e to. (what, who, how, where)

Slide 2
The clients
Who are the learners? (where from, why doing course, ages, level pof skills etc)

Slide 3
The method
How do you plan to add more e to the course? (delivery options, content, tools, support, strategies)

Slide 4
Benefits 1
How will this benefit your learners/clients?

Slide 5
Benefits 2
How will it benefit your business/organisation and the staff involved?

Slide 6
Getting ready
What are the main things you will have to do to make it happen?